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to generating a SUPERLIST

learn how to develop meaningful relationships with your email subscribers that convert into high-paying customers and clients

Get Your First 1,000 Engaged Email Subscribers 

(And Turn Them Into Cash Ready Customers That Will Demand Your Offer)

Never Buy Another $997 Marketing Course Ever Again

Master the secrets of email marketing and learn how to craft click worthy emails that translate into cold hard cash.

Unlearn all the surface-level email marketing tips the "Gurus" sprout religiously, and learn battle tested systems that will create repeat customers, engaged readers, and most importantly a cash-flow pipeline.


How to get your first 1,000 email subscribers that turn into superfans and repeat customers

Turn this smaller email list into...

A highly engaged prospect or customer list that...

Wants to buy from you over...

And OVER....

Take Action TODAY

Get LIFETIME Access to All Course Assets


What is the lifetime access pass? This pass will allow you to access additional course material that will be added over time after the 10th module is completed. 

E.O.E Marketing Course will be updated regularly with even more in-depth strategies, videos, and handouts to build upon what you've already learned.

What is the Digital Breadwinner? The Digital Breadwinner series is a 5 book bundle I created in order to help business owners understand the complete scope of marketing. 

The book talks about funnel building, social media marketing, profitable business models, and much more.

What will to two bonus modules be? Cold email tactics as well as in depth knowledge about creating email marketing flows at an advanced level.



But what does that mean for you?

It means if you're not using email marketing to:

Build a consistent client list

Build interest around your brand

Strengthen the relationship with you and your customers

Be the leader of a tight-fit community.

Then you are leaving hundreds if not tens of THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.

Email marketing is the ONLY platform that allows you to build a relationship with a community that you own.

This means.

No longer worrying about ever-changing social media algorithms

No longer worrying about Community-Guidelines

No longer worrying about your accounts randomly being disabled

Email Marketing Allows You To Fully Automate

Your Customer Acquisition Process

What does that mean for me?

You can create a fully automated system with one simple button click.

Stop manually sending emails to interested customers and take advantage of a system that you can design in minutes.

Get in the drivers seat and can grow your business quicker, than praying for another post to go viral.

But you've probably heard these email myths if you've done any online business research.

Myth 1: Email is DEAD

Truth: Email is far from dead, in 2021 over 45 Billion internet users prefer using email to hear from brands they trust.

Myth 2: I have to be good at writing.

Truth: As long as you're able to put thoughts on paper. Then you don't have to be an All-Star copywriter to deliver a message to your audience.

Myth 3: It's too hard

Truth: It's only hard if you don't understand the basics. Let me show you show we can change that together.

Your Daily Struggles

If you've grabbed the initial swipe file than you are already struggling with the following:
  • How to convert people that connect with your brand into paying clients.
  • ​How to get people onto your email list and guide them to the next level.
  • How to convert your social media following into your OWN community and NOT the platform's.

Are You A "Talker" Or A "Doer"

(Reasons Why You Want To Grab This Course DURING PRESALE)

  • ​Your business is not making any money (We need to fix that)
  • You have see HUNDREDS of Make-Money-Online videos and want something REAL (We got that.😉)
  • ​You're tired of all the cookie-cutter freebie information on YouTube and want a real strategy (Don't look anywhere else)
  • ​You're ready to make some REAL money and have people on standby to listen for your products and services (Let me show you how)

What You'll Learn In This Course

Formula For Conversions

How to construct a timeless strategy for grabbing the attention of your readers in seconds and guiding them to your MOST desired objective. 

Getting Your First 1,000 Subscribers

Showing you the exact steps I used to get my first 1,000 subscribers that STILL pay me until this very day. In depth strategies on how subtly turn website visitors into instant subscribers in a flash.

Monetization Tactics that WORK!

How to exactly use your email list to become your new cash flow machine within your business or side hustle.

"Set it and Forget it" Email Structure

Get the tools you need to completely automate your email structure and build a system that can run while you sleep, on vacation, or making more money elsewhere!

Listen To What Lem Has to Say!

Course Preview: Module 1 Lesson 1

Create More Cash Within Your Business Today!

Email Over Everything Course Details

(In Hour Course You will Understand How To Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers with Advanced Monetization Strategies to get You Paid Quicker)

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Determining Your Winning Formula

Module 3: Shock Into Sales

Module 4: In-depth Optimization Tactics

Module 5: Create an Click-Worthy Newsletter

Module 6: Crafting Eye-Catching Emails

Module 7: Strengthening the System

Model 8: 1,000 Subscribers in 30 Days

Module 9: Monetization Made Easy

  • ​Facebook Group Access
  • ​Digital Breadwinner: Learning the Game (Ebook 1)
  • ​Digital Breadwinner: Marketing Madness (Ebook 2)
  • ​Digital Breadwinner: Funnel Fanatics (Ebook 3)
  • ​Digital Terms: Marketing Glossary (Ebook 4)
  • ​Digital Workbook: 50 Page Marketing Workbook
  • ​Email Content Spread Sheet

Who Should Enroll?

Founders & CEOs

It's already hard enough running a full time business, but this can direct the flow of traffic the right way and create a bigger pot of cash flow from constant leads and sales.

Managers & Team Leads

Too busy to learn these skills yourself? Allow your team to thrive for your business so you can focus on growth and expansion

Marketing Professionals

Adding another tool to the toolkit makes you more of a high demand marketer. Turning email list subscribers into dream customers if you client's ultimate goal. Learn the basics here and take flight.

Why Should I Enroll?

If you're an individual...

... this course will grant you the knowledge to take control of your life.

If you work a 9-5, or just want to find a side hustle, then you need a customer base.

Many will let you that social media is the way to go to get the most reach out of the work you do.

However, reach is only a part of the equation. 

You need to create total system that generates people that WANT and NEED to hear from you on a more personal level that creates a stronger bond.

You can now use that bond to deliver and amazing experience that no one else can duplicate.

If you're a business owner...

...then leads and sales the name of the game.

But often business owners rely on systems that they can't control in order to grow.

Learning how to organically grow your repeat customer list is priceless.

And will be valued more in your business than anything else.

Have you ever heard of "The money is in the list." That's because it is.

The next time your favorite platform goes down and you can't reach customers.

You can always send them an email with near instant results.

As a fellow business owner myself, email marketing is the staple of my business.

It's time to make it the staple of yours...

Use Email Marketing To Make Your Next $10,000

About Your Instructor

Rock Hunt CEO of Rock Your Business & Rock Your Lifestyle
I started my marketing journey after losing his 9-5 as a General Manager.

My primary responsibility was new client acquisition, sales management, and operational oversight. 

I just took those same skills and created my own online business, by creating more relationships that lead into more sales.

After gaining massive success in the Affiliate Marketing space I decided to teach other through a top-tier program for business owners to replicate those same results with the primary focus being email marketing.

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All refunds must be submitted by email to within five days of your initial purchase.

After reviewed and investigated a partial refund will he credited to you via original payment process or PayPal.

How will this course help me?

This course NOT guarantee that you will be an overnight success. But if you follow the modules you will receive positive results

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